If you are reading this article, it’s quite obvious that there are two possibilities.

  1. You know what kind of aesthetics and functionality you want, but it is being difficult to achieve it using the themes and plugins that you have had a look at.
  2. You have nerdy themes and plugins, which you don’t want to use for your website as it has been difficult to find a good one.

Though both the requirements are almost the same, in the first case you are more clear and creative than in the second.

Don’t worry, just relax. We know that your requirement is pretty simple. You want to know where to download WordPress themes, be it free or premium?

Well, here we list the best market places from where you can buy the themes and plugins. We will of course mention both free and premium ones. There are awesome free marketplaces too that we have found out in our decade-old journey that is really amazing.

Best WordPress Marketplaces for Themes and Plugins in 2021

Themes are the templates using which the look and feel or aesthetics of a website or a portal look the way you want. Once you go to the dashboard by logging into the admin panel from https://www.yourwebsite.com/wp-admin, you will be taken to a page that looks so:


From there you have to select the appearance tab from the vertical bar and select themes.

This is where you have to click to go to the templates page. When you visit that page, you will be shown the list of themes that comes with WordPress by default.

At the same time, if you want to visit the plugin directory you have to click on the Plugins tab under the Appearances tab to find the already existing plugins working for your website. Similar to how you clicked on the add button to move to the directory of themes, even here it is the same case, just click on the Add Plugins and you are witnessing a whole lot of plugins listed.

WordPress Theme and Plugin Directory

You can add to the list by clicking on the “Add New” button at the top. Congrats, you have now visited the first free WordPress Market Place for themes, which can also be viewed by following this link. To view the database of plugins, please follow this link.

This is a treasure bank if you want to go ahead and start a simple website. There are a lot of free themes that can serve your purpose, both in terms of simple aesthetics and functionality. We are not mentioning developers here for the simple fact that they would not come here at all.

To make the best use of the theme directory you can enter the name of the theme if you already know one. If you want to view them by category, click on the frequently used or you can use the filters to select from the database. Like So…

You can select the themes based on the Subject, Features, and Layout. This will help you find the one that best suits your requirement.

Similar to themes, plugins also have the categories that you can go ahead and select.

It is straightforward to install the themes and plugins from the page where we left previously. After installing, configuring, and customizing to your requirement turns the website to your likings.

Similar to this there are many external market places that showcase tons and tons of themes and plugins. Read till the end, where we have the best such market place mentioned.

Template Monster

Template monster has been the pioneer in maintaining a repository of everything you need for a website. They have a wide range of categories ranging from small plugins to big themes that even support PWA and the likes.

There is no question of stagnation when it comes the resources as they already have a humongous 5,000,000 buyers, with more than 1600 authors and 45000 products. The products here are not necessarily from WordPress. They also cater to different CMS like Joomla, PrestaShop, OpenCart, etc.

The below link is to view the WordPress themes where you can see the thumbnails just like how you viewed the themes from the official WordPress directory. The advantage of this being the themes can be previewed showing in detail how they work.

As you can see, under the WordPress category, there are several topics from which we can select the themes and plugins. Please click the button below to have a look at the website.

This button shows only the themes and plugins related to wordpress.

Nice Page

Similar to template monster this has a wide range of different types of CMS templates, including WordPress. Their USP is to provide their customers with nice-looking pages that are clean, and minimalist. In addition, they claim that the templates are extremely fast too.

They have entered the web design 3.0, which are the most trendy websites on the web. They claim to be having the secret to this recipe.

There are over 6000 free themes that can cater to you in any vertical of yours.

One more stunning feature that Nice Pages provides is a plugin through which we can design our own template by dragging and dropping. You can have a look at this from the below video, and create your own template with zero coding experience.

This button shows only the themes and plugins related to WordPress.

Theme Atlas

If you want to know about them in a few words as they themselves have described in their website, it is:

  • Classic
  • Simple
  • Exclusive

Committing to these words, they have always kept things fair and fine, which has resulted in providing their customers with an exceptional design.

Like the other template directories, even these people have a set of categories as shown in the above picture and have the live preview.

This button shows only the themes and plugins related to WordPress.


Unlike the others that we have talked about till now, this portal sells the themes or templates developed by them, i.e., they sell only those themes that are handcrafted by their team. They don’t have any intention to sell the templates that are developed by others as they are not a marketplace.

But trust me, they have amazing templates out there. It requires no coding to arrive at the design that you have thought of. When I am writing this there are 42 themes that they have developed (that are responsive as well).

They are not just restricted to developing themes, they have their own plugins that support these themes apart from the building add-ons of about 25.

They provide their clients with the photoshop files (the PSDs) making it easily customizable to whatever design. You can have a look at it in detail by viewing the below video.

This button shows only the themes and plugins related to WordPress.

Creative Market

As the name of the portal indicates, this portal is everything about creativity. They have about 3400 WordPress themes that cater to both Business and Personal requirements. They have a wide variety of Graphics, Fonts, Add-ons, Photos for different categories of web portals like eCommerce, Portfolios, and Content Platforms that can adjust themselves across many devices.

Looks like they handpick the designs that they think are suitable for this marketplace and add them. You can add one of them as your favorite and buy them at your convenience. Like the other portals, this place allows you to view the preview once you enter into a single product mode.

This button shows only the themes related to wordpress.


A collection of 450+ best WordPress themes, they have a wide range of categories that extend from:

  • Corporate
  • Blog/Magazine
  • Nonprofit
  • eCommerce
  • Health & Beauty
  • Food
  • Real Estate
  • Creative

They come with an easy to use interface for searching these WordPress themes in their portal. We can search for the themes by the above-mentioned categories. In addition to that, the tags have a major role to play.

Furthermore, it supports a unique feature where the users can search based on the Popular features of the theme. This is quite an important feature that most of the portals miss. Here are a few examples of the same:

  • AccessPress Social Counter
  • Advanced Popups
  • All In One Addon for WPBakery Page Builder
  • bbPress Themes
  • Booked Appointments Themes
  • Booked Plugin Themes
  • Booking Calendar Themes
  • BuddyDrive

This button shows only the themes related to WordPress.


This web portal is a combination of free (of about 30 starter demos) and premium (of about 50 starter demos) WordPress themes, that comes with the following nature:

  • Clean, Neat, Flexible & Highly Customizable theme
  • 15+ Ready-to-Use Starter Sites for various type of Magazines
  • New Starter Templates every month [Growing Template Library]
  • One-Click Easy Demo Import Process
  • WooCommerce, Gutenberg, and Elementor Ready

They are extremely cautious about picking up their themes. They do have an All Themes Plan, i.e. a plan by which you can download all the themes from their portal. This comes with two variations:

Annualthat supports and updates the users for the downloaded themes for a year
Lifetimethat supports and updates the users for life

The themes that they offer is for the below categories and more:

  1. Business
  2. Magazine
  3. Personal Blog
  4. Agency
  5. Portfolio
  6. Online Store
  7. Restaurant
  8. Cafe
  9. Construction
  10. Education
  11. Church

This button shows only the themes related to WordPress.

Cyber Chimps

The portal that has 40 plus, both free and premium WordPress themes to offer all of them:

  • are Responsive
  • Support Gutenberg and Elementor
  • are ready to use
  • come with Inbuilt Demos

With all of these features, the themes follow great standards and are mostly minimalist in nature. The user interface allows you to search for the themes based mainly on three criteria:

  • Themes that support Elementor
  • Themes that support Gutenberg
  • Themes that are free and Premium

This button shows only the themes related to WordPress.


This portal is a market place that not only hosts WordPress themes but Joomla. Like most of the other market places, even this portal has good options for searching and boiling down to the theme based on user expectations.

They have been in the market since 2013 and have types of themes from the following main categories.

  • Premium Themes
  • One Page Themes
  • WooCommerce Themes
  • Portal Application Themes
  • Elementor Page Builder themes

In addition to the themes, watch out for the hosting services that they provide. We can’t comment on the quality of the service, they offer great discounts on the already less prices, Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting.

This button shows only the themes related to WordPress.

Rocket Theme

This is a portal that serves bloggers and website developers a collection of their own themes and plugins. They have a club membership that provides access to all their WordPress Themes at $59. These WordPress themes are premium themes that are an extensive collection for purchase and download.

They have five plugins that are listed free in their portal.

  1. RokSprocket
  2. RokBox
  3. RokAjaxSearch
  4. RokUtilities
  5. RokLegacy

This button shows only the themes related to WordPress.

WP Explorer

A solely dedicated site for showcasing WordPress themes and plugins, this portal showcases both free and premium themes. They even help bloggers with their Blogging Guides, Tutorials, Marketing Tips, How-tos, and more.

Moreover, they offer their users promising hosting tips. Their website is quite impressive both in terms of design and speed.

Since personally, we don’t see SEO as a way to fool Google, we don’t recommend any SEO plugins. Apart from them, the following are their solutions.

  • Speed
  • Security
  • Monetization

They have really good tips for all the three, including the monetization part where they have a write-up on how to effectively monetize using a WordPress blog. These tips will be helpful for people who are looking for a passive income through their websites. The next one is my personal favorite and the most popular portal to download anything related to creative arts.

This button shows only the themes related to WordPress.

Envato Market

This is one of the most famous marketplaces where I have purchased many themes and plugins. You can say that this is my personal favorite. This marketplace has several parts that offer different types of packages for design. Like:

  • Themes
  • Code
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Graphics
  • Photos
  • 3D Files

If you look at the list again, it has everything to do with portal designs. A part of which the themes and code showcase the themes and plugins, respectively.

There are different portals dedicated for the above different verticals.

For WordPress themes from them please click on the below button:

For WordPress plugins from them please click on the below button:

Hope this article gives you an insight into how exhaustive WordPress themes are and to what extent they are minimalist. The speed of the websites go hand in hand with the themes that are present in the web portals.

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