About Me

With over 10 years of experience in the software industry, Srichand is the backbone of Litent and has set up the processes within the company. He was the founder of Litent in 2010 and has a post-graduate degree in Computer Applications.

My Vision

  • To enable small businesses understand and develop websites on their own.
  • To enable manufacturers and creators sell their products using simple methods.
  • To enable sellers build a strong customer database to sell their products easily.
  • To enable bloggers increase their subscription to market their portals effectively.

My Mission

  • Sharing my experience of building websites without coding.
  • To use WordPress as the medium, which is a very simple tool and effective tool to do so.
  • Help the audience understand the numerous tools and templates that are built-in.
  • Show the designs and modules that can be added in creating the portals without qualms.
the process

Website Building Difficulty

You can see here the effort that it takes to understand the three important aspects while learning to build a website.




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